It's a small game store.

What is Gamestore Banesto?
Address: 4-15 Nishishiga-cho, Kita-ku, Nagoya, Aichi-pref, 462-0058 JAPAN
e-mail:banesto AT cside9 DOT com
Open: Weekday 12:00-21:00 / Holiday, Saturday and Sunday 12:00-18:00
Close: every Thursday, and a little extra closing

Where is Gamestore Banesto?
It is on foot from Kurokawa station (Nagoya subway).
It goes west from exit No.3 on Kurokawa station/bus terminal.
A crossing with Aichi-bank is goes north. (about 150 meters)
A crossing with Policebox is goes west. (about 200 meters)
About 100 meter, my store have green shop-shade, you got it.

Could you accept Credit card?
Gamestore Banesto accept your credit card (Visa/Mastercard).

Could you sale domestic games for foreigner?
If you interested Japanese games, please tell me interested games.
I got your order, I will return total-cost (incl. shipping cost) via e-mail.
After you confirmed my e-mail, I send your order's games via EMS.
And, I can accept JAPON BRAND's order.(below)

If you have interesting JAPON BRAND?
If you have interesting JAPON BRAND, please look as follows,
Retail Section (Store - Oparated by Gamestore Banesto): Here(coming soon.)

Other question:
If you have any question, please ask me it.
I will answer as much as possible.
banesto AT cside9 DOT com

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Transit from Nagoya Station.